Before you start working with the Business Console using real money you might want to test it out with test tokens in the sandbox mode. To do so, use the Network Switch dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen:

Choosing Testnet will connect your Business Console to Ropsten Ethereum Testnet. In Testnet mode the Business Console is fully functional: you can create products and billing models, then add QR codes and payment buttons to your website and see how the system works.

You need to note a couple of things though:

Test tokens

If you want to act as a customer and pay for the billing model created on Testnet, you’ll need to:

  • Get some test PMA tokens from the PumaPay faucet to your ETH address connected to your PumaPay Wallet app
  • Switch your wallet to Testnet

Product and billing models created on Testnet can’t be re-used

Whatever you create in the Business Console in the Testnet mode, you can’t use in Mainnet mode. After you’ve finished with testing and decide to switch to real money, you’ll have to create all products and billing models from scratch.

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