Wallet Settings are accessible from the “burger” menu in the top left corner of the screen. There you have the following sections:

  • Local currency
  • Your Coins List
  • Push Notifications
  • Language
  • Network
  • Change Password
  • Show seed phrase
  • Fingerprint / Face ID login

Local Currency

Here you choose a fiat currency to display your balances and total assets, based on the rates we get from a third-party exchange. Note that this is just a display currency and you can’t exchange your assets into fiat inside the wallet app.

Your Coins List

Here you choose what crypto currencies to add to your coin list. Currently we support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and all the ERC20 tokens. Note that you don’t have to have any funds in these coins you add, it’s just a matter of displaying a list. To learn how to add funds refer to the Buying Cryptocurrencies section.

By default in the ERC20 tokens list there are the most popular ones. In case you want to add a custom token, refer to the respective section. The best way to add a token is to scan its contract QR on Etherscan (see example). Also you can manually add all the necessary details.

Select Network

In this section you can switch between Testnet and Mainnet. All the payments happen on Mainnet, and this is your network by default. On Testnet you can use priceless Test PMA tokens to pay for subscriptions merchants created on Testnet as well. This is mainly used by developers. To get Test PMA tokens refer to the Faucet.

Change password

This feature of the wallet works exactly the same as anywhere else. You specify a new password and confirm it. No seed phrase needed on this stage.

Show seedphrase

In case you haven’t written down the seed phrase when you registered your account, you can always see it here and copy to clipboard to save in a safe place. To access this section of the Settings you’ll need to enter your password.

Fingerpring / Face ID login

You will also see switche(s) to enable Fingerprint login and/or Face ID login in case your device supports it. Note that to make the feature work you need to first set the Fingerprint/Face ID in you device settings if you haven’t done that before. Also you’ll need to enter your password to confirm this action.

Push notifications

In this section you can set up the notifications to be received on your device. Currently the app supports notifications for successfully sent and received funds, and also for the subscriptions: in case the scheduled payment was executed successfully or wasn’t executed due to insufficient funds.

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