PumaPay has developed a multi-modular framework of elements which when encapsulated together, operates on the advanced PumaPay PullPayment Protocol making recurring payments possible over the Ethereum network and bringing the ability of advanced and recurring payments to the blockchain.

PumaPay is an open-source payment protocol that cuts payment processing fees and will always remain free without chargebacks.

PumaPay paves the way for token economy by providing merchants and shoppers with a reliable  and simple solution to pay with and get paid in cryptocurrencies as well as the solution to cash out in fiat in the next upcoming version of the PullPayment Protocol. The PumaPay  ecosystem grows organically, with more businesses from different sectors adopting the PMA token as a means of payment. Attracting their partners, suppliers, and affiliates to join the PumaPay ecosystem and use the PumaPay Framework, they are contributing to increasing its strength and the PMA token’s usability within a global business network and beyond.

Transcending industries, the PumaPay solution has the potential for widespread adoption and the ability to turn the PMA token into the de factomeans of value transfer between customers and merchants as well as between businesses.

Each module is built with its own Core Framework, its elements and simple to use user-friendly interfaces to create the billing models that the customers are used to from the traditional payment systems.

Framework Components

PumaPay Wallet Core

The core is our custom framework and heart of our system. Our PumaPay Core allows the governance, control and utilization of our PullPayment protocol.

PumaPay Business Console

The Business Console is the client-side application for the PumaPay Server. It allows the merchant to have create their billing models via easy to use wizard interface, get estimates for gas calculations during the models creation, overview and edit these models, and then provide these models to their customers via simple to use automatically generated QR code or button snippet which support the execution of the PullPayments via the PumaPay Mobile Wallet App. And after the PullPayments have been executed, to monitor and control funds and execution history.

PumaPay PumaPay Server

The PumaPay Server consists of a set of APIs that the merchant can use to connect to the rest of the PumaPay ecosystem. It also allows the merchant to have an overview of their billing models, subscriptions and blockchain transactions. After the merchant onboards, he can retrieve the pma-api-key for the authorization for the API calls to PumaPay Server for own custom application developed for additional business needs at his wish.

PumaPay Wallet App

Our mobile wallet app is used by customers that hold PMA tokens to allow them to hold and transfer PMA, ETH and other ERC-20 tokens. It allows the customers to subscribe to PullPayments models specified by merchants, cancel their subscriptions and monitor the blockchain transactions related to their PullPayments.

PumaPay Chrome Wallet

PumaPay Chrome Wallet allows the users to send/receive their funds, store favourite tokens and pay online. It is available for the Chrome and Chrome based browsers (for example, Brave Browser)

PumaPay Faucet

The faucet is a component that provides test PMA tokens for testing. It essentially drip-feeds the tokens to the users so that they have a source of tokens to play around with our PullPayment protocol during the development/testing stages.

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