The PumaPay wallet gives you an opportunity to exchange one cryptocurrency to another using a third-party exchange service. This section is accessible from the bottom menu of the wallet, beside the blue QR scanner button.

Note: exchange feature is unavailable on Testnet.

By default your exchange pair is Ethereum to PMA. Hitting the arrow icon beside the currency name you can reach the currency selection page. In From list you find all the currencies added to your Coin List in the Settings. In To list you find all the currencies supported by the wallet.

Once you’ve chosen your exchange pair, you enter a sum to exchange. In case your given currency balance is lower than the sum you enter, you won’t be able to proceed.

Note: you can access Exchange’s “Terms of Service” agreement if you hit its logo.

The funds should be exchanged and transferred into the wallet after a few minutes.

After the exchange, the balances of the currencies involved are updated – you’ll be able to see an updated balance in the Coin/Token page.

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