After you complete the Onboarding, you’ll be able to see the Dashboard. Here you have:

  • Treasury Wallet balance
  • ETH Gas Wallet balance and a QR code
  • Useful links: to the guide you’re currently reading and to the PumaPay Faucet
  • Button to unlock the Settlement layer, which lets you to settle earnings in USD and Euro

Treasury Wallet

We already mentioned how to add the Treasury Wallet and what it’s used for in the Onboarding section.

ETH Gas Wallet

Since PMA is an ERC20 token, all the transactions are executed on the Ethereum blockchain. Every transaction requires a tiny “gas fee” – normally less than 0.001 ETH. Hence, a sum around 0.1 ETH is be enough to fund a 100 transactions. To learn more about the gas fee estimation refer to Billing model page.

ETH Gas wallet address connected to your Business account is generated automatically by PumaPay. You can fund it using your PumaPay Wallet App just scanning the QR code.

If the balance of the Gas Wallet starts running low (below 0.1 ETH), you are notified by the email to top it up, so all of the transactions can happen successfully without any interruption.

Settlement layer

This functionality of the Business Console is described in the respective section.

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