1. Introduction

PumaPay is a flexible app that allows you to pay and store your cryptocurrency safely. It ensures the best user experience while capitalizing on the cryptocurrency value.

PumaPay’s browser extension allows web applications to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. For users, it works as an Ethereum wallet, which allows users to store and send any standard Ethereum-compatible tokens (so-called ERC-20 tokens). With PumaPay’s managed payment service, businesses can easily set up their account and start accepting cryptocurrencies immediately.

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the private and public keys to interact with a blockchain which enables a user to send and receive digital currency to another wallet and monitor his balance. For that, you need to have a wallet account.

With this Crypto Wallet you will have the following features:

  • In PumaPay Wallet by default, you get access to two available currencies, Ethereum (ETH) and PumaPay (PMA).
  • This wallet supports all of your favorite ERC-20 tokens.
  • Share your payment address to receive funds.
  • It also has an integrated QR code which is an alternative to receiving funds.
  • PumaPay wallet lets you convert, store, receive and send your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • This allows users to safely store and send their funds without any third-parties having the ability to access, control or block it.
  • Easily exchange cryptocurrencies within the PumaPay Wallet.
  • Working with a business directly using cryptocurrency, which allows reducing the cost of intermediaries.

Onboarding Flow

  • Welcome screen.
  • Create account.
  • Accept Terms of Use, Privacy Notice, Secret phrase warning screens.
  • Identicon generate screen.
  • Reveal seed phrase screen with download option.
  • Confirm seed phrase screen.
  • Restore account – Enter seed phrase and password screen.
  • Unlock page.

App Header

  • Dynamic app header.
  • Identicon and dropdown menu with options for log out and settings.
  • Back button navigations.

Add tokens screen

  • Search tokens from list of suggested tokens.
  • Select token from search results.
  • Add tokens confirmation page.
  • Dynamically fetch balance for selected tokens.

Add custom tokens screen

  • Add custom tokens form page with validations.
  • Fetch details automatically from blockchain for the token contract address.
  • Fetch balance for this token dynamically.

Currency screen

  • Fetch balance dynamically for the selected currency.
  • Fetch the transactions for selected currency.
  • Click on each transaction to display the transaction details.
  • Display transaction details like gas limit, gas used and view transaction on etherscan.

Receive screen

  • Display QR code.
  • Display wallet address.

Send Screen

  • Send native ethereum currency to specific address.
  • Send ERC20 tokens to specific address.
  • Compute and update gas required to execute a transaction on ethereum blockchain.

Settings Screen

  • Option to change Fiat conversion preferences.
  • Option to change language preference disabled.
  • Privacy mode, show hex data and use blockies identicon options.

Suggestions incorporated

  • Hide add new RPC endpoint option.
  • Notification popup when “login with pumapay”.
  • Added an option in wallet settings to switch between network, ropsten and mainnet.
  • By default set language preference to English and disabled language switch for this release.
  • Transaction summary on clicking token transaction.
  • Confirmation on hide token popup.
  • Confirmation before adding custom or suggested token.
  • Identicon with dropdown menu options for logout and settings

2. Initialisation/Planning

2.1 Client’s Requirement

Client’s requirements while building PumaPay Chrome Extension.

  • Onboarding flow exactly same as Metamask
  • Reveal seed phrase screen with Download option and confirm seed phrase screen.
  • For Restore account – Enter seed phrase and password screen.
  • Wallet should have two default currencies
  • Ethereum (ETH),
  • PumaPay (PMA)
  • An option to add custom ERC-20 tokens.
  • Add Dropdown options for each secondary currency for ‘Hide token’ and ‘View on Etherscan’.
  • Search and select tokens from list of suggested tokens and Fetch balance for selected tokens.
  • Add Custom token form with validation to add your favorite tokens.
  • Fetch balance details automatically from blockchain for the token contract address.
  • On PumaPay receive screen, display the QR code and wallet address.
  • Wallet should have option to send native ethereum currency and ERC-20 tokens to specific address.
  • Compute and update gas required to execute a transaction on ethereum blockchain.
  • In wallet settings we should have options to –
  • Change the Fiat conversion preferences.
  • Change language preference ( disabled for first release )
  • Privacy mode, show hex data and use blockies identicon options.

The PumaPay wallet is a flexible app that allows you to pay and store your cryptocurrency safely. The PumaPay Protocol enables day-to-day payment scenarios, such as top-ups and subscriptions on the blockchain.

  • When a new User comes to PumaPay Wallet Account, Welcome screen guides the User about PumaPay Wallet.
  • With PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet, User has two options:
  • Restore the existing PumaPay Account or
  • Create a new one.
  • Users sign up and create their wallet account by setting up the password. Alternatively, the user can restore the existing one.
  • While creating an account a unique account image is generated.
  • Before Logging in the User should accept Terms of use, and Privacy Notice of PumaPay, Seed Phrase Alert.
  • Scroll inside the panel in order to have the accept button available. When you accept each one, PumaPay login will appear.

A seed phrase is a list of words which store all the information needed to recover a wallet. Wallet software will typically generate a seed phrase and instruct the user to write it down somewhere. If the user’s computer breaks or their hard drive becomes corrupted, they can download the same wallet software again and use the paper backup to get their wallet currencies back.

  • The 12 words are the master private key generated for your wallet. Each wallet’s receive address has a private key which is used to make transactions and prove ownership of the funds in the address. All these private keys are generated from and tied to this master private key that is the 12-word or mnemonic phrase.
  • We bought a concept of Seed Phrase. In case a User forgets the password for their wallet, by using the 12-word Seed Phrase, we’ll try to recover your funds. Seed phrases are an excellent way of backing up and storing bitcoins and so they are used by almost all well-regarded wallets.

NOTE – Anybody else who discovers the phrase can steal the funds, so it must be kept safe like your other valuables. It must not be stored in any electronic or digital form.

  • For creating an account, the User reveals secret words after a 12-word seed phrase is generated which he can copy to clipboard. This, will be needed in case of restoration of the account.
  • To confirm your secret Backup phrase please select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct.
  • In case you lose the 12-word Seed Phrase mnemonic, this means we cannot:

– Recover your Information: It is GONE FOREVER.

– The mnemonic is never saved on the PumaPay server.

  • Access your account
  • Recover your account or reset your password

– Reverse or cancel transactions

– Send your ETH or Tokens from one address to another.

  • For restoring the account, the User needs the mnemonic which was generated at the time of the creation of the account, which can help the User restore his account and create a new password for the account.

In Wallet by default, you get access to two available currencies for your wallet address: ETH and PMA.

  • When the User lands on the wallet’s dashboard he can see the default currency and Add token option.
  • It allows users to send, receive and store PMA, ETH and any ERC20 tokens from their devices.
  • To get your favorite ERC-20 token to your wallet dashboard click on “Add Tokens” where user can search suggested token or add a new one.
  • Functionality to add Custom ERC-20 tokens by adding the token address, token symbol, name of the token, and decimals of precision.
  • To send funds, the User selects his currency for dealing and can enter the amount which is to be transferred, the User can type the wallet address of the recipient.
  • Outgoing PMA transactions include a fee to ensure that they are processed successfully.
  • Every operation that can be performed, such as a transaction to send funds or a contract on the blockchain platform, costs gas transaction fees, for both ETH and PMA wallet.
  • When submitting a transaction, the user has to choose which type of fee they would like to pay a Regular or Fast transaction fee – thus choosing how quickly a transaction will be processed!

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