The Product is the way to define your goods/services and to organize the billing models under a specific defined product. This can also be useful when the same business, not only has different payment options, but also has multiple domains on which the billing models are placed for the customers, the logic can be customized according to the business requirements. 

Please note, you need at least one product to create a billing model.

List of Products

You can access all your Products from a list, hitting the Products section from the left menu. On this page you can see their performance statistics: the amounts earned for each specific product, the number of the active customers, number of billing models, name and the creation date.

Creating a Product

The Product setup uses the following parameters:

  • Product Image
  • Product Name (max: 50 characters)
  • Category (list of known product/services categories you can select from)
  • Product Description: (max: 140 characters)
  • Product Tags Please note that you need to press enter after entering each tag to add it

Description and Tags are optional and will be used for an easier product placement and classification in upcoming versions of the Business Console and related promotional products.

Editing and deleting a product

The Product can be edited or deleted as long as its billing models have no active subscribers (customers), and once there are, the Product Name will be locked without the ability to change and you won’t be able to delete one.

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