The Wallet allows users who possess PMA tokens to make recurring payments to merchants.

Main Features

  • The PumaPay Mobile Wallet App allows the user to sign up with a merchant and creates the contracts for the single and the recurring pull payments.
  • Ability to buy and exchange crypto funds – (in-wallet: coming in version 2.1)
  • For the merchants, it’s the unique opportunity to accept PMA payments from users who prefer using PMA, while still collecting payments in fiat by trade on currency exchange.
  • It is a unique opportunity for shoppers to pay the merchants with crypto for services using the PumaPay Recurring Pull Payment Protocol and PumaPay Wallet.
  • The security and anonymity that the blockchain technology offers surpasses the level of any traditional security system, allowing the user to safely store and send their funds with no third-parties having the ability to accessing, controlling or blocking it.

Account Creation and Restoration

The wallet allows the user to create a new Ethereum ERC-20 wallet address to receive and send Ethers, ERC-20 tokens including PumaPay (PMA) tokens.

During this process, the mnemonic 12-word seed is generated for the user to able to restore the account from the seed phrase, giving them the flexibility and easiness to access the same account with the majority of their existing wallets by using the relevant seed phrase.

The user can copy the seed phrase by navigating an easy-to-use, comfortable and eye-catching interface.

The user can also use the 12-word seed phrase from another wallet through the Puma Wallet.

Opening the App

The user is able to secure the wallet with a password to login easily.

User Home

From the Home screen, the user can access the current balance, buy PMA tokens straight from the exchanges, send and receive Ethereum and PMA, as we exchange and share their address or QR code through the phone’s “share” feature for receiving payments to the other users addresses.

The user is able to see the current market prices for the crypto coins they own right away.


The user is able to change the wallet’s, network and language settings, access the transaction history and the FAQ section.

Recurring Pull Payment

With sufficient Ethereum in their account, the user will create a new contract for a recurring PullPayment to purchase services from a merchant, with the possibility to schedule and control the duration of their subscription.


  • The user has access to the list of all the past, current and upcoming PullPayment smart contracts.
  • Access to each smart contracts’ description with service and payment details.
  • The transaction history.
  • The ability to cancel a contract at any time.

Integrated QR Scanner

To access a payment easily, the wallet has an integrated QR code scanner, where payments can be easily made with a single touch.


The logout option destroys the current session and the next time you log in, you will only be able to access your account by restoring it from the 12-word mnemonic phrase seed that you have previously saved securely.

Please note that the mnemonic seeds and passwords are not stored on the Puma Pay servers

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